I think I'm not as socially awkward as I once believed. I realize I just have nothing in common with the majority of people.

I don't watch sports, I don't care about cars, or fantasy football, or have any hobbies non-developers would find interesting.

If you want to talk about software patterns, finite automaton, Lua/C APIs, etc, then fuck yeah I'll talk to you all day long.

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    I don't have much in common with normal people either. Anytihng dev or tech related, cooking, crypto/stock/forex trading, finance, didgeridoo/harp, etc.

    Fantasy football? Waste of time.
    Cornhole? Waste of time.
    Bowling? Waste of time.
    Dev? I go hard.
    Didgeridoos? 📯
    Trading? I go hard.
    Space travel? I go hard.
    Smalltalk? Waste of time.
    TV shoowwwssss? Waste of time.
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    Hell yah! I completely agree with you!
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    They wont understand unfortunately. We're always "weird" to them.
    But you know what?
    Fuck yes we are.
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    This is why i got into the simple things; food, beer, whiskey, etc... All things i can do on the daily without sacrificing too much time researching
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    @Root hey! Smalltalk is a good language.
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