Sales sold to a new enterprise client ecommerce solution tailored for small/local businesses as enterprise solution.
That software is able to handle hundreds of products, but we are trying to insert over 200k+ of them.
After inserting around 10k, the whole system dies and nothing works because all requests time out.

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    Username checks out
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    Sounds like your DB queries need optimizing…

    Seriously, an e-commerce solution that is only able to handle 'hundreds of products' sounds like a pretty shitty product to me.
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    @SomeNone It was made to be sold, not to works. As far as I know, we are the first company on the world that uses it.
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    Perpetual beta, aka 'banana principle'
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    Welcome to DevRant!
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    amateurs 😆

    My company (employer) has customers with millions of articles and thousands of daily orders. Hundreds of thousands costumers (theirs). System runs fine - though on the most powerful server I have ever worked on.
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    I'm not sure whether I should say "good job" to the sales team for selling hot air to someone who is in need for cold water or call them stupid for the same reason.
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