I'm kind of lost guys 🤔(from the point of view of the career path).

Currently I'm unemployed and looking around for a new job inside and outside Italy, but most of them are quiet mediocre, from the point of view of salary(is hard to reach 40K pre-tax in Italy) or actual interesting work to do.

Leaving that aside, up to now I was always able to deal with any job that I had at hand, despite the industry, and this leaves me with an empty goal in the software development career because I feel capable to adapt to any technical environment.
The business side was always a second thought because it's quite boring most of the times(but I might change mind I think, given the chance).

And if you ask me what I like, I would say anything technically interesting/challenging, so no real preference here 😕

Have you ever had such period in your career?
Did you get the chance to find a way to move on?

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    What kind of projects have you worked on / what industries?

    And what are your subinterests/hobbies?

    For example, one of mine is machine learning.

    Now you.
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