Fresh out of college?
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Junior Web Intern: 16k A Year!
Basic Requirements: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, Angular, JQuery, Bootstrap, Backbone, Handlebars, D3, p3, CMS (WordPress, Wixx), PHP, Java (Android), C++(iOS), openframeworks, openGLSL, Cinder, failed at least two startups, 8086 assembly language.

Recommended requirements:
Git version control
Agile development

Must be able to display example of each requirement.

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    16K what... What currency are you talking about?
  • 16
    British Sterling. Around equivalent to a part time mail man
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    @fives ohhh... Thats a rant then!
  • 17

    Sorry i'm not actually offering anyone a job, just ranting about my prospects.
    Work harder I should.
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    I want to know who knows that much stuff straight after college.
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    I once saw a job posting that required (as a hard requirement) *10 years* of experience with Windows 7...

    For a $40,000/year job in DC...

    ...in 2010.

    Any bets that requirement was put there just to get an H1B worker?
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    @runfrodorun I actually just bought some lol
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    "failed at least two startups"

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    I've never seen a salaried job so close to the US poverty line.
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    Yah like junior in college still learn about 8086 architecture!
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    C++(iOS), is that a thing ? :/
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    @oscarascal and it's for a junior web dev ...
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    @aayusharyan in-game cash
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    @Noob Hahaha, true
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    Actually there's a filosofy for this... Correct me if I'm wrong. Senior programer to boss.. We need a team that knows this and this, and this and that... Boss to hiring department... We need a few people that knows all this stuff... Hiring department: we need someone that knows all this sh*t, whatever it means... Oh thers a kivy request here... Do we have a fruit department?
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    Where do I apply?
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