Why do I have to keep maintaining my open source project? because nobody is using it


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    Well... It is YOUR project, so I'd assume you'd maintain it...
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    If even you aren't using it, perhaps it wasn't a good idea in the first place. If so, you might want to find a way to kill it.

    (You said nobody was using it. Unless you consider yourself to be nobody, I'm assuming that means you aren't using it either.)
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    @powerfulparadox Actually I am using the lib, because it helps me lot, the reason I open sourced it , so it could help others . May be I am wrong about that
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    @5anthosh Well, it's likely a smaller problem than you expected, a discoverability problem, or you're targeting a smaller subset of people with the problem than would be ideal (most people use different libraries/combinations of libraries, they solve it themselves every time it comes up/they think it's trivial, etc.). Or, you managed some combination of the three. Given that most of what I'm seeing on the GitHub page is around a month old, you're probably worrying about this far too early. Acquiring users can take time. I would give it at least 6 months before getting too concerned.
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    @powerfulparadox I got two issues today , that means people are using it
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    @5anthosh It's on its way, then. Congratulations.
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