Anyone else that loves MobaXterm? My colleague showed it and I use it for everything now :)

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    It's my go-to SSH client on Windows. It makes all the management aspects easier. On Linux I just deal with the tools as needed, since the command history is nicer there.
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    I still use Putty lol
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    Me, best ssh client on windows imo
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    I used it for a while, but noticed a little bit of typing lag that became really irritating. I've been meaning to give it another try though.
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    I started using it just a couple weeks ago, its amazing.
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    Very good Linux-alike environment, far more than just a SSH client. I started using it at a customer when I had to work with a Windows notebook. Suddenly the whole enterprise started to make it available to all employees :)
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    I use it. Love putty as well. But we cannot establish multiple sessions in putty. Need to open a new window!!!
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