Summing up my cynicism.

I live on a big shit pile in the middle of nowhere where biggest achievement is travel around the globe. It doesn’t matter that you can do it under a day using special piece of paper that everyone is bragging about.

At the same time I am trapped inside sack of meat that is slowly putrefy and is highly vulnerable to everything on this fucking place. Sooner or later I will shit under myself again.

And I even didn’t stared cause the real problem is that I can’t get the fuck out of here and everyone try to convince me that what I do is “important” and I need to start a family and shit like that, yet everyone believes in some higher power that says you don’t need all of this shit. Like what the fuck people ?!!?!!

How the fuck did I get here ? I must have been making jokes from someone important. If it’s true I’m really really sorry and now please get me out of this nightmare. I know I did something wrong and I sincerely apologize. Are we good now ?

Fucking hell !!!

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    Try not to fall into the "if only" trap... If only I lived somewhere else, if only I had more muscles, if only I had more money and so on. Make the best out of your situation! Change the things that bug you. That's the only way to make your life better but always appreciate what you have. Oftentimes people forget their own worth or potential
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    @12bitfloat Thanks for kind words but I go forward I know where I am, know what I can do and what I cannot, know who I am and don’t give a shit.

    I went from sadness to laughter when I look how little things are cause of big wars. I am over it right now have some kind of a plan of entertainment to not die sad and hopeless.

    It’s just when you read thousand books and spend much time dealing with people staring from homeless ending with millionaires. You read articles and look at people problems you see that no matter where you live everyone do pretty much the same despite the fact they think they are different. They eat, fuck, party and die.

    It’s not sad post.
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    @Puroguramingu I am happy dude. I know I can leave anywhere I want.
    It’s just pointless because everywhere’s pretty much the same except the weather if you don’t think about materialistic and other people causing danger points of life. That’s the main point.

    Maybe I over generalized shit but that’s how it works. If you read weekly rants from IT people here you see they have pretty much the same problems with managers and coworkers.

    It doesn’t matter if they live in Cali or in 3rd world country.
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