How many hours do people code a day?

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    Somewhere between 0 and 16 depending on the day and tasks at hand and if I want to work on any pet projects.
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    Like @C0D4 said, but between 0 and 13.
    I don't do the longer days anymore because it prevents me from being productive the next day.
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    @C0D4 jeez that is a lot. I'm at like 4 a day and it's quite a bit bit@jennytengsonM :o :o
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    @FrodoSwaggins Frodo!
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    @phishhead @FrodoSwaggins somehow those numbers seem funny
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    @phishhead yes an no.
    I can do a full 8 hours at work just coding, or that could be split up with meetings, BAU work, or just being in a support role for the QA's.

    Then on top of that I may spend a few hours after work or weekends putting something together for me.
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    @C0D4 #thecodinglife #goalz
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    Depends on the day. Sometimes 15-20 minutes, sometimes a few hours, rare occasions 4+ hours, and sometimes not at all. Mostly the first two and the last.
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    It depends on my "productivity per hour" ...
    Sometimes an hour echaust you more than a full day.
    Some other times 5 hours of boring easy tasks will make u want to get off the computer.
    Some other times you are so excited to deliver that you work 14h straight.
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    60 * 60 * 24
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    @bashleigh wait that's seconds. Get out...
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    @bashleigh I guess it depends on the day for you, you seem to have a small pause somewhere I guess.

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    @C0D4 well you see I work that extra 3-4 minutes. No time to work out how many. Just GO GO GO GO ADD MORE BUSINESS VALUE YOU MONKIES. And I start throwing poo at the screen and smashing the keyboard with my limbs for the whole day. Those 3-4 minutes of my hour are seriously important to the business. Not time for monkey business. Ok I give up none of this shit makes sense
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    Around 7hrs Average for me.
    Try a plugin called wakatime it will show you how many hours you’re coding and on which projects.

    It’s available for all major IDEs. It’s really awesome
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    Depends on when you have to deliver the code.
    It can be from 1 minute to 24hrs in the day.
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    I code 500i hours a day
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    As a sysadmin the average would be 1 to 2 hours at most on normal days where I need to write scripts or fix existing code :)
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    Like, actually? Writing code and not looking at memes and pretending to be busy for the sake of it? 3-5, I would say.

    8 hour day is utter bullshit.
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    @msdsk haha same here, but instead of 8 hours a day, I'm doing 9 hours, pls killme
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    I do part-time internship. (6 hours a day work because Uni)

    Here's 90 days average using a plugin:

    Monday : 5.3 hrs
    Tuesday : 4.7 hrs
    Wednesday : 5.2 hrs
    Thursday : 4.1 hrs
    Friday : 5.3 hrs
    Saturday : 3.3 hrs
    Sunday : 5.8 hrs

    Saturday is holiday in our country.
    430 hours in last 90 days (work only).

    this accounts only for inside the vs code, coding. and excluding personal projects.

    using this.

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    I make others code.
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    1000, 500i? -54 next? Ok I think this question has taken a silly turn 😅 nerds!
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    @jennytengsonM what's the e?
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    I'm guessing it's an imaginary number but an electronic version? 😋 Or maybe my mathetmatics is lacking
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    TIL Programmers cannot answer simple questions simply
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    (uint) -1

    Probably 5ish due to c++ compile times
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    On a regular 40 hours week, generally I get between 45 to 60 hours.
    Actual Coding time, generally ranges from 0 to 1h during the 8h at office plus 2, 3 h straight at night.
    All the rest is diluted between meetings, phone calls, MR reviews
    A good day of remote work can go up to 7h coding
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