Wise people of devrant, I need career advice:
I got offered a contract by a french consulting company for my first job, but they also told me that they probably won't have a project for me untill April (because they have enough juniors for now and new positions probably won't open untill they get a new batch of projects.)

Needless to say I'm angry at myself for being such a noob but they are right :/

What would you do? I am still looking for other possibilities atm, but nothing too concrete has popped up yet besides these french guys: I got an offer for an unpaid intership that is waiting for a geen light, and a couple of other job interviews lined up for the next few weeks.

Also I currently live in denmark, so I would need to relocate to france come April.

I would be inclined to sign the contract anyway and return their kindness, as they could have just told me to fuck off and come back in 6 months, (at least they like me) but I don't know what is best in this situation...

Should I stick with them and wait, perhaps training myself in the mean time? Or do you think it would be better to pursue other options?

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    did you try find a job in norway?
    High salery, few work hours, good social services, great nature. And if you're Danish citicen you can move there like you're a native citizen because of the Nordic Passport Union. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    Take the job and then look for something better. If you don't find a better thing then you have something to fall back on. Best time to be looking for a job is when you have one
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    @robsbobs thanks for the feedback guys.
    my contact at the company said she will still try to arrange meetings with clients so maybe ill get lucky and start sooner, but if she said its unlikely to work out idk if I can rely on that.

    I can indeed take the offer and still look for other jobs, but is that something you do? It seems like a pretty dick move tbh, but practically speaking its very convenient for me (ᗒᗣᗕ)
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    @Elendil yes you can. You just give notice applicable to your contract. I also mean start the job if needs be and continue to look then.
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