If I see a question from you on stackoverflow or redit, discord, spectrum, slack and the answer is written literally for a 10 year old in the first paragraph of the documentation you are a punk.

If you answer questions like that with 3 paragraph answers to show off you are also a punk, a punk who creates spam for other punks to keep punking.

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    So, it's wrong to ask for help in many locations, and it's also wrong to answer such questions with detailed answers? Wtf?!?

    Now, if the question is something found inside the docs or could be derived from the docs with a bit of thought, then yea I get it.
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    @M1sf3t oh, well good to know I'm to old for this millennial bullshit, punk me up!
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    @C0D4 you literally understood what I've not written. Nothing wrong with asking in all places, nothing wrong with detailed answers, our careers are built of these. I see questions all the time which are not "in the docs" as this would imply you have to go and find it, they are in the actual first paragraph like if you have ever even googled it you would get the answer from google inferring it for you above the search results. But people are too lazy to read the docs and they flood the communities with spam and real questions, like even beginner questions can't get traffic because of these noobs wanting someone else to google it for them that's who I'm targeting. We all know some people never do this, not in any stage of their career
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    @Puroguramingu if that's what you inferred from what's written, then don't bother replying
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    SO doesn't allow you to be remotely mean. If I could answer questions with " 1) Use this function 2) Read the docs so you don't ask questions like this again" I would.
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    @C0D4 "ok boomer" :D

    (It's okay, you're still as useful as an old popcorn bucket)
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    @Jilano mmm salty left overs
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    I don't understand why people would even ask such shit. You get the answer way faster by just googling, which in most cases also would find the proper documentation as search hit.
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