Define your productive day

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    * 7-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep
    * Ate something tasty and high-fat for energy
    * People leave me the hell alone
    * something challenging to work on
    * Lots of free whiteboard space
    * Rocking out to some good music
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    Just when I feel like I’ve accomplished something at the end of the day
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    - Wake up on 1st alarm
    - have 2 fried eggs for b-fast in <10min and
    - get to work earlier than usually
    - 1 cup of cappuccino and
    - some shell scripting before lunch, adding a new feature
    - 2 cepelinai (https://wikiwand.com/en/Cepelinai/) and a bowl of bisque with boleti
    - wrapping up the shell script feature right after lunch
    - finding a complex root cause of a mysterious slowdown of the application and preparing an action plan to mitigate it before the EOBD
    - getting home earlier
    - spending some time with fam, putting my kiddo to bed earlier
    - spending my evening on my project, finishing a module before midnight
    - watching a movie with my wife before sleep

    yeeaaahhh. it's been a while since my last productive day :)
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    - 7 hours of sleep
    - coffee and breakfast for kids
    - take kids at school
    - get to the office and grab a coffee
    - some death metal playlist
    - code for 4 or so hours
    - people not bugging me with silly questions interrupting my concentration
    - people not bugging me with idiotic questions breaking my concentration
    - people not bugging me at all
    - 30/40 mins run
    - light lunch
    - another 4/5 hours coding on a challenging project
    - pick up kids at school/daycare
    - dinner and kids to sleep
    - coding on my personal projects or blogging

    Modo important and productive part is people not bugging me :-)
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    Get up before noon.
    Write code that solves one from list of problems.
    Go to grocery and cook something to eat.
    Have a daily meeting.
    Eat and have a nap.
    Play PS4 for a bit.
    Write code for side project.
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    - Get up with a relaxed mood
    - Traffic to work is smooth
    - non bs chatter in the office
    - social lunch with colleagues
    - finish the goal for the smoothly
    - Traffic to home is smooth
    - New recipe for dinner actually tastes good
    - some borderlands 3
    - go to bed on time
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    I make donuts
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    @ScribeOfGoD what about donut holes
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    @Plasticnova that its just like warm apple pie, especially when its glazed 😂😂
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