Well I developed a small restaurant system to a friend who only paid me $20 😅 I did the system in 4 days, I didn't know how much ask for the system and needed the money that's why I accepted

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    I understand that you're not that sure about what to ask for in the beginning, but surely you had more than 100$ in mind eh? We'd starve if we would be paid 20$ for 4 days of work
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    Yeah I know I undervalued myself on that time
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    Entry pay in my country is around 25$ per hour. Most definitely I would want at leat 20 per day. 10 for food and the rest for additional expenses/living expenses/my jetbrains subscription.
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    @p100sch Here it's rather 10 for food and then at least 25 for rent. Not that pay would be higher though...
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