Should we really be preparing ourselves for tech interviews?


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    I don't.
    I just walk in, talk, walk out and have a job.

    It's never been much harder then that, I think I'm missing something in life not having had to deal with tests and coding challenges and the such.
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    don't listen to prakhar
    he wrote:
    > // C/C++:
    > float rating(){
    > return 4/5;
    > }
    and that is zero
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    @C0D4 That's how I want my interviews to go 🥺
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    @Prakhar96 just got to find the right place I guess.

    My last job, was a paid lunch and casual chat about a few active projects, the next week I started working - although it only lasted about 8-9 months before I quit, couldn't handle the 12+ hour days.

    Current job, was my easiest though, I still think back and wonder why or how it was so simple.

    CV sent in on Monday morning, phone interview Monday afternoon, face to face interview on Wednesday, lasted about 15-20 minutes with nothing more then a casual chat, a "how would you structure this dataset in a new database" - although that was high level, and a price tag negotiation.

    Friday I started the job - been here more then 5 years and almost on double what I started, trying to break that 100% increase 😂
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    Clearly a man who knows his stuff!
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