Especially when the status page says everything is fine

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    I had the opposite today. The status page said the website was down, yet I saw no issues.
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    @cmarshall10450 today was odd, some other people at work had the same as you. usually it's just broken. Luckily I had already finished my deployments for the day 😄
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    @ganey they seem to always blame it on pipelines and webhooks. I don't care about pipelines because I don't have any and I can deal with bitbucket not triggering my jenkins jobs for every commit because they can be triggered manually but I do care about "pipelines and webhooks" stopping us from pushing any code.
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    @ganey I'm also starting to find how limited in bitbucket is in the word of "git is git". My company uses a lot of atlassian and that's why we use bitbucket but what I'm trying to achieve in aws and azure would be made so much simpler if we used github instead.
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    @cmarshall10450 yeah they did maintenance yesterday on something and the usual pipelines and webhooks broke.

    We use pipelines on merges to run some checks then issue a deployment on aws.

    There's a variety of ways to do it by possibly one of the following:

    - triggering something on codecommit.

    - raising an ECS task from pipelines to run a deployment script

    - using SSM documents to run a deployment task on an EC2

    Obviously if doing any of these, only use AWS keys with limited permissions on pipelines such as issue SSM or only codecommit access.

    Personally, I wouldn't rely on bitbucket pipelines for actually deploying production code whether it's a whole lambda function or something simple like and S3 sync. Pipelines just has too many issues.
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    Autocorrect: did you mean sh!t bucket?
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