Google: buys Android
Makes tons of $ from Ads
Meanwhile 7 year old bugs
Are still not fixed

A bug reported in 2012: recently created files are not visible when using MTP protocol.

Guess what? I still have this bug on my 2017 phone, like many other people.
Probably has something to do with file cache.

Because obviously 7 years is not enough to fix a stupid bug. Especially when Google is busy implementing all the other features nobody asked for except marketing department

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    The mtp server scans for new files on startup and the on schedule every 30 mins if i remember correctly. That happens in order to prevent battery drain and it was a common problem in the first custom roms.
    So the bug is the fix for the actual bug.
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    Mtp is still shit and useless. No thumbnails, slow copy speed, only one file at a time... Basically useless for backups idk why we had to drop the USB mass storage option. I get that you couldn't use the SD while mounted but damn if you gonna fuck something up and make it freaking slow at least fix your shit...
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    Yeah mtp sucks. Better transfer over wifi using either a ftp server or rsync. Or use a memory stick like with any other computer.
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    @ilikeglue Mass storage gives host raw access to entire filesystem. Exclusive access required, doesn't work for internal storage because it shares filesystem with other stuff, requires host support for ext4/F2FS, users can break stuff by changing permissions or formatting entire partition.
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