I feel quite stupid asking this but what on earth is eng in English? In dutch it means scary but I don't think that that applies here 😄

(Translation services gave me the exact same word)

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    I mean... Eng is usually short for English
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    Or short for engineering. Especially in context with this week's group rant topic.
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    I am as always of the opinion that there are no dumb questions as long as they are genuine and not under false pretense.

    And your question is no exception, if its something most consider common knowledge, all the more reason to ask if you do not know, as nobody are going to mention it of their own accord.
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    @Fast-Nop Never heard that shortcut for engineering before, thanks!
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    In German, it means tight.
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    I'mma guess engineering based on the context.

    But I typically see eng as a threw letter course code for English classes lol
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    @kescherRant in Dutch as well.
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    Don't feel stupid for asking about something you don't understand. That's how you learn. If other people think your question is a stupid one, and are unwise enough to let you know about their opinion, they are acting like intellectual elitists (because they are assuming that something that they know is something that everyone should know, and only stupid people don't know it already) and their sentiments can be safely ignored.

    This is especially important when trying to learn a less familiar language, as there is often a gap between how you're taught and how people actually use it. Asking for clarification is always the most effective method of learning at those moments.
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    Could also be referring to engine
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    Scary is the first thing I'd translate it to as well tbh.. but in this context it means engineering I guess 🤔
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    I was wondering the same.
    Ik vroeg me het zelfde af.
    Thanks for asking @linuxxx
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