Teaching a beginner (though in 40's) Git and GitHub is somehow annoying!

Cause they won't follow the instructions 😂😒

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    Even worse is trying to teach a self learned that”just want to brush up”

    They are even more resistant when you try to tell them they are doing things wrong.
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    @Voxera yeah,

    I just ignore the message and cool myself them before replying, so I don't vex out
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    Some kid who was cocky about his programming skills had never used a single command line in his life. He should be burned. It took me literally 30 minutes to explain bash. Even more to explain what cloneing a repo does. The kid gave up half way and just decided to quit his entire goal.
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    @Carbon-Monoxide well, one plus for him to acknowledge defeat. Most never do.
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    Well, for all power of git and github, personally I can leave with 5 things
    0. Commit/push mon code (Yep, it’s 1 action for me, don’t care about local commits, don’t use them)
    1. Pull updates
    2. Create a branch
    3. Create a pull request
    4. Merge branches
    Everything else is not needed.
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    @dontbeevil same.

    Except Pull requests, I made my self a script to automate that.
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    @Voxera hey I'm offended :(

    I'm self taught but always bring in the new tech on my teams and trying to get everyone else to get with the times...

    They aren't self-taught.

    I just productionized ELK last week and everyone's like OMG!!! This is amazing!

    Me: you know you could had this like 2 years ago if you just gave me the time and resources (needed a server to install it but boss never decided on a few details; finally just gave me an empty VM and I just installed the public version).
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    @billgates I am sorry, that was not mu intention.

    Its just that I have had several run ins with people that are sure of their own superiority.

    Few ever acknowledge that they might be wrong.

    I also had a colleague insisting to be a developer but refusing to ever learn anything we tried to teach.

    He managed to offend customers when on support duty (seriously offend close to the point of sexual harassment), he took down production a Friday afternoon after office hours “because he just had a small fix” and he forced us to roll back and re do weeks of work another time.

    This was before we had good procedures for deploy and using a very old source control tool some 15 years ago.

    Finally we managed to convince the boss that the colleague was just not cut out to be a developer.

    Last I heard he had bounced through 5 other companies trying to do dev work.

    I might be a little bitter of wannabe devs since then.
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    @Voxera np, maybe I'm in the middle and more on the careful side.

    Also depends on how much self-learning they did. Need actual experience building things rather than just following along.

    I'm actually the one telling my boss we need rules and testing... to keep everyone else from blowing up production. But again... low priority...

    And the pre-req was ELK since it collects all the requests.
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