As IT, I hate being too accessible to users (I'm a software dev, not help desk support). One particular user...let's call him Fred (even though his real name is Joe)...sits close to me.


Fred: Bobby, fix my Outlook (he says it jokingly but serious). It keeps saying it needs to be repaired.

Me: Yeah had the same issue last week. I just reinstalled it.

Fred: So...you can't fix it?


Fred: Bobby, I need access to X.

Me: Ok go to this link to request access and a manager will approve it.

Fred: Whaaat? That's too much work. You are IT and should just give me access.


Fred: Youtube isn't working.

Me: Ok...and?

Fred: It means my internet isn't working!

Me: *sigh*

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    They expect software engineer to work also as IT support.
    People just don't know.
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    I’m a software engineer, been working as IT support for 10 years now (2nd/3rd tier, not 1th). Computers onsite-support, printers (remote), servers, etc. A PowerShell script now and then is the only programming I do. So the user might be on to something... ;) even though I can understand that someone hired as a developer doesn’t want to do computer support, just saying that a programmer might have the skills required anyways.
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    "You're asking a geologist to do chemistry, just because they're both scientists doesn't mean they can do each other's jobs"
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