Yeah, if my so called "friends" can just stop making me feel guilty for staying in with my son instead of going out having beers in pretentious clubs, with music blasting at a billion decibels that we can't even have a decent conversation.

If you could just stop; that would be great.

I'm sorry I have to work. I'm sorry I can't leave my 6 year old alone in the house on a school night. I'm sorry I don't have an army of maids to look after him. I'm sorry I don't have personal drivers to take him to school. I'm sorry if your family or your wife's family is so fucking rich you're basically a kept man and now bored out of your wits.

Please, just fuck off with this toxic behavior. We are not in our 20s anymore.

Thank you.

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    This toxic behaviour with so called "friends" is hurting me too,and i Am in the 20s.

    My way is to just say fuck you to all of them and completely cutting them off until they call me themselves, apologizing in the first sentence of their call.

    They are not worth it. My life is too good to be effected by their vile-ness. I rather flourish when they aren't near me.

    Also, let me say thank you from your child's side for being a great father
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    They can go party, they are responsibility free.
    That doesn't make you less of a person, you just have different priorities.

    Now go get your kid some lego and enjoy some quality hours they won't understand the value off.
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    @C0D4 I remember playing legos with my dad everyday at 6am before school. Good times, I love my dad.

    I honestly think I wouldn't be as smart as I am today if I wouldn't have spent hundreds of hours in my childhood playing with legos.
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    I am surprised that nobody mentioned yet to cut out people of your life that give you nothing but toxicity. Trying to surround ourselves with people that help us build us up instead of pulling us down, etc. bla bla
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    @Mosesrocks When I started playing with Python it felt like legos. It still does.
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    Now THIS is a rant. Fuckin tell em brother!
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    I’m in my late 20’s. Some of my colleagues just haven’t matured enough yet to understand what responsibilities are. If they get angry let them be. You have your life, they have theirs.
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