*clears throat*

Building turn based enemy AI for a strategy game can go fuck itself...

I'm normally able to work out other forms of AI but as soon as I try to work out how to build AI for TBS, I just seem to have my brain exit my body....

I've been at this for fucking hours and have no idea what the fuck I'm doing .-.

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    Just need to wait for your turn to use the brain.
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    @Jilano ... Mate... .-.
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    Make yourself a draw.io chart, it helps big time.

    Also don't try to write something like game AI elegant. Let it be simple if/else functional bullshit.
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    Recursive alpha-beta-minimax is a good start.
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    I'm not familiar with programming AI for games, but would it be possible to set up some setting where it learns by playing against you?
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    Use deepMind stack.
    Every video game is a state machine. (Even FPS games).
    If it can play SC2, it can for sur play turn based game
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    It is never the problem in picking the right AI but in the data parsing.

    Try analysing how you would win the game, all popular tactics and edge cases.
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