Recently GitHub announced it is gonna preserve the world's open source code for next 1000 years. Great initiative! But someone has to take initiative to store StackOverflow data too! What if after 500 years someone tries to use Tensorflow and gets dimensionality issues? And imagine there won't be any StackOverflow to solve the issue.

Remember : Wherever there is a code, there is a bug.

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    You could do it yourself! I plan on trying to smuggle culturally-important closed-source code in myself, specifically ROMs. It's illegal for me to even *have* them, but goddammit someone's gotta preserve these games for the future to enjoy!

    Oh, and also my malware sample collection if I have the time. Hopefully ZipCrypto is still a thing in 3020.

    EDIT: how the fuck did this post twice with one tap of the "post" button
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