Reading all these lovely rants about PMs, I'm considering changing my profession to PM hitman.
Find me on Craigslist :-)

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    I hope next week's theme is PM
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    This gave me a sad :(

    Signed, a PM (and dev).
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    @beofett there's a difference between dev-pm and a pm who has no understanding about what devs do
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    @vortex oh, trust me, I know!

    I've worked with some doozies....
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    But there's also system analysts who analyze requests without understanding what programming and algorithms are.. where every task has only one flow scenario.. and everything always works and pink and unicorns poop butterflies.. *facepalm*
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    @vortex pm's who don't know how the internet works are the worst...
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    @kanduvisla in a previous job, I reported to a manager who didn't know what a "browser" was, and every attempt to explain it to her failed.

    This was in a role as a web developer, mind you....
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    My PM didnt know he can close browser tabs with the middle btn on the mouse..
    Oh yeah we need pm week theme badly.. @dfox
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    Wow, already got 2 gigs :-O
    Let the open season begin :-D
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