Do you know how much i sacrificed?

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    like vb6.0 and vb.net
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    I'm reminded of one particular API, I think its on the 4th version now, each one not at all like the previous ones..

    Except for one thing they all have in common, some of the API functions haven't been written, so don't do anything !

    Now the latest one is out, do I really want to learn it to find out, that some calls, still don't do anything !

    These are vital, application breaking calls that if they don't work, chase away customers !

    Which is perhaps why their customer base has shrunk from thousands to hundreds over the years..

    I also love the way there is no error handling, so if anything is amiss, you don't really have a clue why !
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    Reminds me of the time I wrote a decoder and encoder in python for the rather sinple binary protocol (probably just c structs or whatever they're called) of a mobile game so I could hack it with mitmproxy. And then, with a lingering feeling of accomplishment, I updated the game and they rewrote the backend for the new version which used json. Good experience with binary data in python but conpletely wasted time otherwise. Luckily I could just swap out my decoder for json.loads() and move on.
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