So true 😂😆

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    had a Nokia 1221 dropped the thing 8 foot, I'd be in worse shape than that phone was from that drop. if that happened with the new phones you might as well not even pick it up
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    Everybody is semi-mocking the durableness of that generation nokia phones but i remember my father using a metal brick like phone that he used to joke about how he could put it under the tire of the car to stop it from going downhill.
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    People must have a bit of amnesia when it comes to nokia retro love.
    Lots of old nokias were made of creeky plastic, the edges could crack and the battery hatch could fly off
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    @jiraTicket I dropped mine from the back of a school bus standing up in a parking lot, the back flew off but it went back on. from about half that height I've dropped a touchscreen and it cracked all to hell
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