Blazor server ! Who is excited ?
Finally, say bye bye JavaScript for front end dev ! (Ok still need some of it, but all logic can be done in C#)


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    Blazor web assembly is due for release in May 2020. That will beginning of the end for Js (I hope). Give it another couple of years and we'll all be writing front end in c#, java or whatever language floats your boat.
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    Wasm won't kill Javascript...
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    I don't know why anyone would want this. The model is highly complex and *every* user interaction is modeled on the web server. It would be extremely expensive to run.
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    Wasm, a language that has no native support for strings, wont replace javascript anytime soon.

    Also, who the fuck in their right mind would ever use c#
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    Why not both?
    I'm c# and js/typescript dev.
    Our current web project is written with angular for Frontend and c# with nancyfx for the backend.
    If you hate js, just use typescript?

    Just use the right tool for the task. I mean, i can get a screw with a hammer in the wall, but is that the best way?
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    Oh no thank you, I still love me some JavaScript ❤
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