Does anyone here use Payoneer here?

Let's say (hypothetically speaking) that a dev gets paid through Payoneer, and does not declare that money in taxes in their residing country (and that's the deliberate choice of using Payoneer in the first place - perhaps taxes are so high and makes the business not worth it).

That country does not exchange information with USA (which is where I would assume Payoneer accounts are). The customer that is paying through Payoneer is US-based.

At which point might the developer be accused of money laundry or similar by Payoneer? Even just for avoiding taxes, if anything

Of course, this is a very hypothetical question, none of this is actually happening.

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    Whether the pay is claimed or not, payoneer is required by the laws of the US, and anywhere else it does business, to disclose its activities to tax authorities. Tax authorities, especially the IRS, have a real talent for tracking down offenders who don't claim their income well after the matter has been forgotten. Don't let it hypothetically happen to you.
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    @bahua but if dev is not American, nor id dev residing in US, is dev required to pay taxes there?

    Hiphotethically, the customer made dev to fill a W-8BEN which I understood is to tell tax authorities that dev is not required to pay taxes in America
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    Then the dev should claim the income wherever he or she lives. It might amount to nothing, in terms of tax liability, but even if it's a short little nothing, not claiming it is a crime in most places.
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    @bahua oh yes I totally agree on that.

    Thanks for your answer!
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