Playing 'old' Flash Player games is my new hobby, I think. Also I suggest "Fancy Pants Adventures" to ones that still play Flash games or like some nostalgia.

Respect to Flash developers, you guys are awesome.

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    I loved building flash games and websites. They were so much fun. And playing them too.
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    @coffeeholic I wish I had time to learn Flash before it died :/
    Now I see its good parts.
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    Check out Bluemaxima's Flashpoint
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    the fancypants games were my jam man
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    @ParkCity yeah, they are awesome as hell!
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    Update: Give "Johnny Rocketfingers" a chance too.
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    building them was one of my passion too. i’m currently working on a swf converter to an agnostic format, and an html5 player.

    made good success so far
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    Thing thing series. Was fun and you could see the developer's improvement as the series went on.
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