So, our company has blocked WhatsApp web interface. I asked why, but they didn't answer anything. Apparently there is no business reason why anyone should have a quick way to communicate with outside world.

I receive every day multiple messages from the kids, soccer team, wife etc. and now I have to unlock the phone, open the app and then spend time trying to get the spelling right with the tiny phone keyboard.

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    Security concerns - that's why I'd block it

    I don't think using a phone for your personal matters is that bad of an idea
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    To prevent easy data exfiltration probably
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    Maybe because it's Facebook owned and Facebook does massive amounts of data collection?
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    It's a Company, they can decide anything they want.

    Getting around those decisions can be a royal pain in the ass.
    My workplace loves MS so much, they block GMail and GDrive, which is awesome when another company shares files from the G.
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    "You guys are allowed to have phone at your office desk?"
    - A Dev working in Secure zone
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    @Nanos great for you. Here they don't even allow a feature phone too. But they allow smart watches. I am not sure what they are trying to achieve.
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    You should spend the working time with.. WORK, you know. Dicking around on Whatsapp is OK during break time, on your own equipment.

    Also, allowing to use work equipment for anything private would make the network admins' job harder because then in many countries, they would not be allowed to snoop the traffic.
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    So you are doing personal thing during work hours ? No wonder your company tries to block that shit.
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    Probably because they are MiTM Ing all your traffic but can’t decrypt the WhatsApp traffic.
    So for DLP they just block it.
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    I wouldn't allow WhatsApp on my network either, nor Facebook at all. Or cloudflare for that matter. All of these are basically just wiretaps for data, with some features added to make them enticing. Which is also known as bait.
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    It seems that there's a lot of guys here spending their working time nagging about someone else writing a text message on their working time...
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    Anyhow...Facebook and everything else seems to be unblocked. Also you can read all company emails with any device in any network. And you can connect to the internal Office365 from any machine. So far only WhatsApp web interface seems to be blocked. First company I have ever worked for that has done this.
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