Happy Friday everyone!

My workplace provides breakfast rolls, fruit, yogurts and other breakfasty stuff as well as free beers at 4pm.

How does your workplace finish the week?

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    All of that, free gin & tonic on tap, beer on tap, wine and chill at the rooftop with a Dj on Friday
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    We usually finish the week screaming and crying. Fun times!
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    Trying not to fuck up the master dev branch and leaving the office not after 4pm. So kinda like @Jilano
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    With an aggressive reminder to finish that project by Monday.
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    Fruits, Colas, Beer are free on every day at my place.
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    God fucking dammit, where do you live? We have a habit here for being jealous of everyone, even our own employees.
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    With a bottle of don perignon.

    This is an exception ;p
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    I work from home so I celebrated Friday by updating production and shutting down my computer.
    Now I’m going out to get wasted.
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