Last hour of my job today:

Hardstyle blasting out of the speakers at full volume

Everyone drinking a beer

Boss coming in with "Fuck this shit we're gonna game!"

This is what I call a good end of the work week 😍

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    @Torbuntu CoD and Urban Terror! And yes, on Linux without any lag :P
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    I'm continually envious of your workplace
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    @Ashkin 😊
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    Like i said a few months ago if you remember... the wait payed out.
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    Mate, where on earth do you work, and do you need a personal assistant Dev?! 😜
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    Okay wtf where do you work
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    I'd need a lot of beer to make up for the music, but it stil sounds pretty awesome. Or I'd try to hijack the music maybee
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    @Wack Fair enough haha. We're mostly hardstyle heads there. The boss came in while we were playing this song and like going along with the kicks with our hands in the air and he started going along right away xD
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    We used to do that my last job :) Was great. Just an advice, make sure your boss can separate work from private time. It's more important than you think in the long term.
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    Any open positions at the moment? I'm interested...
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    @linuxxx how can you have such an awesome job and still be so active in ranting? EXCEPTION!!!
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    @stereo I filled that last one 😅
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    @linuxxx Well played sir, well played indeed.
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    So, @linuxxx, what's your KD? :D
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    One day, I want to work where you work.
    Or at a similar place.

    Or have my own successful company so I can try to create such a cool workplace with the right people.

    Envy levels rising
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    Party hard cozz its not for long.
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    I'm a simple guy. I see hardstyle, i ++.
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    @rui902 Tbh I'm a rawstyle/raw hardstyle guy mostly, what's your favourite sub genre? :D
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    @PrivateGER by the way, if you like NCrypta, Malice just released a new album!

    It's called The Extreme (I preordered the cd) and its fucking awesome 💜
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    @linuxxx Nice!
    What do you think of Nocturnolz?
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    @PrivateGER Love it! Got a Rauwdouwer shirt myself :D
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    @linuxxx Nice! What's your favorite song currently?
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    @PrivateGER Of all songs or from the Nocturnolz album?
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    @PrivateGER That's a hard one but right now:

    Nocturnolz: Nolz ft D-Sturb - Speak What You Know.

    In general: one is impossible but a few:
    Chain Reaction - Answers (Adaro remix)
    Malice ft Project Core ft Unresolved - Demolition
    Enemy Contact - Knock Knock
    Radical Redemption ft D-Sturb - Testarossa
    Rejecta - every song of him.
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    Looks like I have a ton of new stuff on my list now ^^
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    @PrivateGER Good artists right now (imo):

    Enemy contact
    Anderex (the gucci bag track)
    Radical Redemption

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    Radical Redemption - Brutal 3.0 is absolutely awesome

    Rejecta seems good!
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    @PrivateGER Try the other ones, I especially love 6.0 and 7.0.

    Rejecta is fucking awesome haha!
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    @PrivateGER By the way, just heard Malice - Courage, the damn this track is good!
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    @linuxxx I follow the same artists since 2005 (the big names)
    I kind of like a little bit of every song, even the "new style". but if I had to pick artists: Headhunterz and Da Tweekaz are a constant in my playlists, but also Wildstylez and Technoboy. Man, I'm gonna put all the names here :D
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    @rui902 Awesome! My shared number one is: Malice and D-Sturb :D
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