If you ever completely want to waste your goddamn time, call Keolis (company behind Arriva I think) with a question regarding their app. They'll be able to provide you with no fucking usable help/information at all and will gladly guide you through the login process twenty-motherfucking-billion times again and have no single solution as to why its not working.

As a bonus, they'll ask for your details so they can investigate and call you back a little later to take you through the exact goddamn process you just did two-hundred-trillion times before with the exact same completely fucking useless result.

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    Do you know where else you can find this type of incompetence?
    At netcup!
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    I am glad public sector companies are trash across the world.
    I feel so good when I read posts like that because it means we are no different and making same mistakes no matter where we live.
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- I had only very good experiences with netcup. Never had any issues with their services (for nearly ten years now), including their customer service. They were very competent all the time.
    In fact, couldn't say anything as good as that about any other company I know of (except, maybe, the one I work for, they are great!).
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    @Benedikt I had a website running on their service about 5 years ago.

    During that time I had a Microsoft e-Mail. My Microsoft account got deactivated (idk why) and I had no access to it anymore. After trying endless times to get my e-Mail account back, I lost hope and forgot about it.

    8 months or something like that later, I got the letter that I have to pay netcup money for the service I was using plus some more ("Mahnung").

    I got no other letter before btw. Not sure how that counts as a "Mahnung".

    Legally speaking, mails that request you to pay for your bill is not working. Only the traditional letters are working. Thus, I don't know why I got informed so lately about the whole situation with a sudden "Mahnung" surprise.

    Anyways, I called the support and told them my situation. They wanted me to login to their web interface to see my bills. I was supposed to click on a button next to each bill to make a PayPal money transfer.
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    @Benedikt I couldn't login to their web interface (idk why it has been 5 years).

    Told them that and they said that they can't help me with that. They could have helped me with that though. They sent me a letter. They could send me my bills the exact same way.

    We started having a very long discussion via e-Mail (I did create a new protonmail account).

    It turned out that I couldn't login to their web interface (I remember the reason just now) because they deactivated my netcup account.

    I asked if they can let me pay my bills without having to pass that web interface and delete my account afterwards. They said they can't let me do that.

    BUT they charged me extra for the deletion of my account. My account didn't get deleted though. That is what I call a scam.

    Then I wanted them to activate my account. They charged money for it.

    I got my temporary credentials to login to the web interface.
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    @Benedikt I was shocked.

    In the list of bills were these things:
    - Mahnung (no informing letter before the case of a "Mahnung")
    - account deletion (didn't happen. Otherwise I would not be able to see my bills after reactivation)
    - the regular annual bill for the service (That is fine)
    - account activation (charging for such a simple task)

    I got scammed by 75 Euro.

    I will never use their services again.

    Their service was good, but the support and their internal system sucks.
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    Which app?
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    Like for real, my company recently inherited one of the mobile apps which is used by Keolis.
    If youre having trouble with our one, maybe I can help?
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    @kwilliams Literally Keolis in the play store!
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    @linuxxx ah no we don't manage that one sorry. 😕
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    And their website looks like this to me.
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