Soooooo had 2 phone screenings with 2 different recruiters.

So all was going well with the first call until she asks me about certain technology, and I'm a little confused as to how she was working it, so I asked, "do you mean....?". And her reply was....,"I don't know, I guess. That's what's written down here." I seriously almost hung up the phone!! 不不不

The second one was worst! This genius had the bright idea to call me from...wait for it....HOME! I mean all I heard was brats in the background and they kept destructing her. She's like ," so how long have u been-- Billy! Get down off that, NOW! Sorry about that." I'm thinking, "what the hell?"(only seconds into the call) She continues, "So what's your favorite lang-I told u to get off that! Hold on..." phone goes silent.... "Hello, I'm so sorry...." Asked me more programing questions few seconds later..."I thought I told you-------" phone drops! At this point I'm trying to hold my laughter in. She gets back on. "Sorry, dropped my phone. Well, I think that's all the questions I had, did you have any for me?" "Really?" I'm thinking. "Nooooope" I say.

不不不不 I was having somewhat of a crappy day, I needed that.

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    First call is hella meh. I agree.

    Second one, don't be a spoiled brat and give credit to that woman trying to juggle work and family life.
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    Still not better then skype video call answered from car by person who was driving.
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    The person on the other end of your first call is likely to be in someone from the management (e.g. HR)
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    @Cultist Yea, buuuuut if we were to do that it would be considered "unprofessional" and they would just pass on us.
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