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    Damn I was expecting this to be SukMikeHok. Gotta step my game up ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    @Stuxnet I feel like we're the only ones on SukMikeHok watch. We need to expand.
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    This is actually never saw. Cool one and true.
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    You started working out, now you love your body, but you're also an insufferable vegan prick that question your peers lifestyle choices.

    You launched your podcast, now people are tuned in, well at least the one guy.

    You started your business, now you outearn your 9-5. However, you are constantly burned out and realize that money isn't everything in this world.

    You asked that special person out, now you are in love. She'll dump you tomorrow though because of #3 and #1.
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