How do you deal with those fuckers who pretends to know things but as a matter of fact they are so dumb and can't figure out basic things on their own.

Unfortunately I am working with someone like that .She is very social and talkative. Everybody has a good impression about her and thinks that she is really good at work.

Only I know the truth.

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    Make sure she does actual work. Don't take her work from her. Should be easy with the "I'm too busy, but X surely can do that" move.

    Let her either grow with her tasks, or fail.
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    What above comment said.
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    Force her to read all the devrant posts that are similar to this one.
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    True fact:
    Social skills mostly win true knowledge!
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    @Fast-Nop I don't take the work from her. But she was able to create an impression that she is doing many things because of her social skills.
    On the contrary I do things 10x better and unfortunately I can't market myself due to my poor social skills.
    Nevertheless the supervisor knows the truth. Atleast I hope so.
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