When you still own a Lumia and realize how useless it's with all the non official apps and crappy optimization. But the you there is DevRant
+ New, clean and modern UI
+ Optimization
+ Fast
Thanks you to your team to bring such an amazing master piece to here

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    Also devrant it's not official, developed by @js96
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    Yep, that client is not unofficial too, but I made it with very close collaboration with the founder @dfox, that's the reason it works almost as good as the official one.
    You can find it also on Windows 10 (PC, Hub, HoloLens, Xbox One).
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    @JS96 *is not official (or is unofficial)
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    @JS96 Was this app made by Cpp ? the optimization is crazy
    Do you have any tips for that ?. My app always feel heavy and clunky
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    @StrypperJason js96 used vb.net,btw if you like to discuss about uwp (and ms news), ask and provide suggestions, if you want you can join us on discord uwpcommunity.com
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