I just found a Diplo dj set from a country music festival where it was like 65-75% country music, and I gotta say it's not actually that bad. I mean I like edm and country, but I'd never guess mixing the two could actually work as well as it did

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    I got into listening to dark country stuff recently, it's pretty damn good.
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    @RememberMe what exactly is dark country? That's one sub genre I've never heard of haha
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    @Stuxnet country music, but instead of ye olde hills and home and fields and stuff it's about darker topics like death, undead, the devil, murder, etc.

    For example:
    Blues Saraceno - Grave Digger: https://youtu.be/so2s-NZVXZA

    Ghoultown - Drink With The Living Dead:

    Blues Saraceno - Carry Me Back Home: https://youtu.be/VC2hgHe6FSk

    There are quite a few artists with this kind of music actually. Dunno if this kind of stuff is actually called dark country, I just call it that because it fits.
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    @RememberMe that last song gives me some hardcore Johnny Cash vibes.

    But I mean, most modern country music is moreso upbeat and about parties and chicks. That's what i listen to the most.
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    @RememberMe Devil you know is my favorite and the first one i ever heard from Blues Sarceno, pretty good shit
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    Diplo & country? I haven't heard that before. Then again I haven't listened a lot of Diplo. But I love what few I've listened to.
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    @dr-ant https://youtu.be/K15ppLWH5vk or https://m.soundcloud.com/diplo/...

    But I mean he has this song with a country singer, so it's not too surprising. https://youtu.be/EAcol1EH5Io
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    @Demolishun holy shit that was amazing lmao

    Especially since there a new song (Juice WRLD - Graduation) that sounds just like it (mainly bc it samples the song he mentions was played at the graduation) that I recognized instantly
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    @Stuxnet I'll try them out, thanks!
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    @AleCx04 thanks, will check it out!

    @Stuxnet nah, I'm not too fond of the parties and chicks stuff. I'm a sombre and serious type of guy and I like my music to be the same way (melancholy is always a bonus too), the only thing that really gets me going batshit crazy is heavy metal (of pretty much all kinds).
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    @RememberMe yea i gotcha. I have rap to hit that kinda music for me lmao.

    I was mainly pointing out the party songs because when you say country, everyone instantly thinks of twangy songs from the 80's without realizing theres not too much new country music that sounds like that.
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