Anyone here do animation?

So I'm developing this command-line animation program. It'll obviously only be for quick stuff

I'm thinking of accepting frames and an expression to order, overlay and diff/patch frames.

What kinds of things should I implement? I have done basically no animation ever.

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    I animated a lot back in the day, so here is my input:
    - Lineal interpolation is a must. Must be able to generate smooth transitions in position, size, and rotation.
    - Bulk transforming/editing several frames at once. It's super frustrating to edit the same thing over 10 frames when you know it can be programatically done.
    - Being able to import other animations into the current one.
    - Having lots and lots and lots of exporting formats. This is probably the hardest part but oh boy you will learn many things!

    Those are the first things that pop into my mind.
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    @OneOfSimpleMind Thanks for the feedback!

    - I'm definitely doing linear interpolation - in fact my first idea was just a frames-in-video-out frame interpolator. I'm planning on pixel-interpolating png/jpgs and tag-and-attribute-interpolating svgs
    - Haven't thought of that, some imagemagick shortcuts are probably the way to go
    - Yeah, cos the "backend" is ffmpeg (frames > video). I'd have to try not to break it up into frames, but definitely possible
    - It's ffmpeg, so that's there anyway (yay!)

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