I hate it when I pick a library that seems popular, has a ton of stars on GitHub, a ton of downloads, used seemingly everywhere, only to find out months later that it's SHIT. I found bugs that made me doubt anyone is actually using this fucking thing. Your GitHub stars mean nothing.

So now it's either rewriting the entire codebase to a different library, or fixing it. Serves me right for not checking the unresolved issues first.

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    I suggest u to check the last commit date. If it is older than 1year (or even 6 month) check another repo
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    Good point. It's Jun 1 and all the issues in the last few months got no attention apparently.
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    Library? Whole languages (looking at you php and Java and.. and.. and.. fall in that sack.
    And do not make me start with stacks
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    NPM - an ecosystem where devs even import trivial AND BREAKING shit like leftpad and blindly trust any drunken amateur who has farted some insane piece of code into some godforsaken repo out there.
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    @devapsarl That’s dumb.
    If the lib is almost bug free and does exactly what it is supposed to do, doesn’t matter last commit.
    I still prefer to use DateJS over moment.
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    What lib was it?
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    @NoToJavaScript for small libraries it is ok
    But for bigger projects they require to be always uptodate to remain usable.
    For example any android library that was not maintained in the last year it will defenetely not compatible with androidX. Thus not usable.
    U cant trust a library and use it deeply in the code if it is not maintained.
    I am not talking abt small toolkits that u use as libraries becasue ur lazy code it urself lol, i talk abt big libraries.
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