I was once a guy fascinated by the world of computers , games and tech stuff. And today in my 21 and almost 6 months before my graduation ( as a fucking "CS" engineer) , i feel almost everything in CS as difficult or boring , even the things i am usually good at , and by looking at the competition, i am scared if this career is ever going to be fruitful for me :(

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    Every dev will have this once in a while. I've had this in school as well but after I was done I haven't had it yet.
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    CS is not real world programming.
    There are cutting edge things being done at AmaGoogBookSoft but the vast majority of the work that needs to be programmed isn’t that interesting.

    Good work graduating, as a self taught programmer, you might be better off than myself.
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    Once fascinated because it was magic, but now it is mundane stuff?

    Or the realization that those video game characters are just algos running boilerplate rules and have no consciousness?
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    @Demolishun more like the existential dread that comes from knowing the only reason modern life is possible is because some neck beard is a jerk about source formatting during code reviews because he has seen the company lose millions due to using > instead of >=.
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    @bkwilliams lol, ah the house of cards realization. ;-) I don't think this is specific to code. Don't look at the USA electrical system if you value your sanity.
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    @Demolishun I am kind of messed up wherever i look at.
    Those games and stuff led me to the path of an android dev: learning java, python, native android stuff. now i am on the verge of getting graduated, i feel i should have a job.

    I like android and doing it for last 2+ years, but am still far from being perfect or a 1 man army in it. And i guess my innovating mind got lost during the transformation from a 16 year curious excited guy to a 21 nobody , self loathing average guy , so i can't think of next cool app that would grow a userbase>1000.

    So my current desire is to be in an android job where i can learn to be professional in android and being paid a decent pay for it, but so far i have found myself in the low paying ass busting startups where they make me a 1 man army guy from day 1(which is stupid, coz from "1 man army", i mean a guy trained enough to make a complete app, "train" being an imp word) to build their complete apps from scratch...
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    ... at the same time i feel i need to expand more of my knowledge base horizontally and learn other technologies like web/ hybrid apps, blockchain, cloud, ai/ml, etc the hot stuff so i can hope for a job.
    I am not currently interested in them and find them boring, but maybe i have not given them enough time?maybe android is my comfort bubble? maybe i am a shit holding on to a technology and missing out good opportunities in other fields? ahh shit am out
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    @TitanLannister CS/CE is a HUGE field. You cannot learn everything.

    I am currently going down the "learn cs on my own path" and part of that is FP. People told me to check out haskel, but that wont help me in my current job. So I am doing FP is C++. I dont really like it, but supposedly it will make me a better programmer long term. I started reading an Algorithm book and I was like I dont understand the math symbols! So I started looking at a CS math book. I think this is going to be interesting. So I get the not understanding some things, while others are easier.
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