I’m a “programmer” who doesn’t program. Whose idea was this shit?? Hmu if you know. I’ll wait.

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    Does not compute... Explain this blasphemy!
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    @shoop And yet, most web devs don't even remotely understand HTML. The average website is the living proof.
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    @Fast-Nop what do you mean?
    You just write some tags in some not so sane order and pray it holds up against the browsers right?
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    @C0D4 and add some tags like col-md-12 right?
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    @alexbrooklyn for all the hate bootstrap gets, it works well when you know what it's doing.
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    I like how everyone assumes it’s web development. 😂 My “programmer analyst” role is just second tier support for a product. They like to emphasize the “analyst” part, but I assumed it just described your level of seniority. My bad.
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