So I have a few projects that I've been planning out for a while. Looking to start one over Christmas, build it up and launch early-ish next year.

I would say I'm well versed in RoR. Not great at explaining things but in terms of writing code I got that. Just not that great of a speaker haha more of a doer.

I also use JS a lot and some Node.

But I think I want to challenge myself at least for one of the projects. I've jumped around languages and frameworks alot job wise as I've had too. Never had the opportunity there to focus and hone in on the one language or stack. Which I do want to try and try and focus on a stack or language in 2020 to hone it in, focus on only a few things.

So I was thinking of using TypeScript and Vue with firebase. But that seems close to what I've been doing already. If I was to build the first project with RoR I can get a production ready app within a few days maybe even less because how easy it is to use and previous experience of course.

The first project is just a simple jobs board similar to we work remotely.

I've also heard good things about go and rust, asp.net. I'm open to all ideas.

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