Christopher Columbus didn't ask for directions, and neither do I.

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    But he was shit at navigating, so maybe he should have.
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    @Jilano was he? I think he was a quite good navigator. But he the came upon land that was unknown at the time because he was navigating with incomplete knowledge. There were a ton of flat earthers but those who believed it was a globe thought earth was about 2/3 of its actual size.

    Him being able to get back and forth multiple times is quite impressive.
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    @Codex404 actually there weren't a ton of flat earthers back in Columbus' time, or rather, the opposition he faced wasn't because of flat earthers but rather that he thought the globe was too small.

    And when you look at the maps of his voyages you don't really get the sense of a brilliant navigator but rather your buddy being sure he knows where to go
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