Today I had the chance to participate as a community member of an ecommerce platform to represent the community and vendor towards developers that are getting in touch with a new product from the vendor. This event was completely covered by the vendor and was awesome in many different ways. Features, tutorials, workshop, presentation, attendees.

Previously I worked on a closed source patent management software and one felt stuck and rigid. The only contact outside were customers. They were sort of the community and friendly as well just without technical knowledge. Events with the customers with a hands on the product was also covered by the vendor and great in their kind.

I am unsure what the reason for the different feeling towards this is. Is it about being a dev at a company that let me participate on a vendor product compared to be the vendor? Is it about the product license? The external people being devs or no-devs? Do you have similar experiences after switching jobs?

They were both friendly so it is not just about people being nice. Both products dont personally affect me as I neither file a patent or trademark myself nor do I own a web shop.

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