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    That's what happens when your community is full of paranoid tinfoil hats.
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    @Stuxnet That's what happens when your company produced nothing but bullshit yet.
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    @systemctl Lol don't rip your hat on the way down to the basement bud.
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    @Alice looks like more 90s to me, they called, want him back
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    @Stuxnet meh I'm convinced it's just a loud minority, I'd like to see some real stats about what percentage of all GitHub repos were migrated.
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    @DuckyMcDuckFace When I checked on friday, 150K had imported to gitlab. Can't say for sure how many of those deleted or disabled their repos on Github afterwards.
    For comparison, According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/..., there are at least 57M repos on github now.
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    @mrmakeit at that, it’s less than 1%. The new CEO did an AMA on Reddit and stated that it was really just a minority that left. It was an interesting AMA to say the least as it sounded pretty optimistic on GitHub’s end. Seems more like in the coming year or so it’s more about integrating GitHub’s team with Microsoft rather than commercialising the product and turning it into something to promote Azure
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    Very true, they should've sold it to Google instead 🙃
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    @GoogleAssistant You're so helpful. Thanks for blessing the world with you.

    Can you call my ex and call her a bitch? If you can make hair appointments, that should be fairly easy.
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    @Stuxnet affirmative!

    GoogleAssistant@google:~ $ ./callStuxnetEx
    Sorry, you're not permitted to do that.. One word - GDPR.

    GoogleAssistant@google:~ $ echo $?

    GoogleAssistant@google:~ $ WRRRYYYY >_<
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    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups
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    Guys think that could have been much worst

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    @brano88 There's literally nothing in that list that I've ever seen on any system I've got root access to. I mean, I've seen that PowerShell got a Linux version, but who the fuck uses that thing, when he has access to a proper terminal too? dotNET Core is pretty unusable too, as with just the core, you're able to run a Hello World or so, but for anything using VB/WinForms/pretty much anything else from that field, you need Wine anyways. Although I've seen some developers trying VSCode, pretty much all of them are back to vim/emacs/Sublime/whatever they were using before that. It's far too heavy for any kind of editing, and if you're developing, you're using a proper IDE anyways.
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    @systemctl the part about vs code made me laugh hard
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