Svelte daily reminder because no matter how much I bitch about new things I too cannot keep my eye off shiny:


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    Yea I'm hoping this one continues to gain traction, I've been working with it all summer thinking maybe I'll find myself on better end of the curve should this become the next big thing companies start looking to hire for.
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    I'm already seeing jobs for it.

    Other workable frameworks worth taking a look at are Markojs, Mithril, and Riot.

    And if you haven't had a chance, theres Storybook (storybook.js.org), which looks really clean and featureful for developing components. Been trying to find others who used it and find out what they think of it.
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    @Wisecrack yea it's mostly been companies looking for people that could work with a variety of frameworks, I think because the companies themselves contracted their own work from other businesses, but last time I looked there were a couple companies looking specifically for svelte. I think one was needing someone for data visualization and working with vector graphics.

    I've heard of riot, think it was one of the smaller frameworks I was looking at trying with my own app last year when I was trying to get away from bootstrap. I'll have to go back and give it another glance.

    People are saying svelte's syntax is a lot like vue's so I figure if I haven't found something in a month or two I'll wander on over there and hedge my bets a little. I'm just giving them time to update the docs to v3 since it's supposed to be such a drastic change.
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