After 4 months I've just realised that my internet is not running higher than 100mpbs because I bought a 100mbps Ethernet switch. -facepalm-

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    Haha well done matou
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    As a middle class Indian with a 16mbps connection which is considered super-fast, I can only dream of trying to imagine imagining this situation
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    First world problems eh
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    @LucaScorpion first world problems fot sure, I've got a 300mbps down connection and sometimes it think it still isn't enough, and I wonder if I'm just complaining to much
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    @Larsg310 let me help you out: you're complaining too much xD My 60gb per month of 16mbps ran out and my connection is now 512kbps (yes, kilobits) for the next couple of weeks. Sometimes when I'm lucky, it goes up to 1mbps.
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    As an Australian, you have no idea how jealous i am right now lol.
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