The Dutch minister of justice and (national) security is joining the countries that are in favor of weakening encryption algorithms so law enforcement "can combat child pornography and terrorism better".

Oh yeah no fucking great, I was hoping that the Dutch ministers weren't as incompetent on this one as the ones from the US and Australia who want this as well (and probably even more countries).

Let's fuck over an entire country with false arguments while it won't help for shit!


Sources: (dutch)

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    Welcome to the party.
    Except we (Australia) didn't weaken encryption, just have to break it or install hardware that can break it.

    The down side to this is, if "I" as an employee am ordered to install this hardware, I can not refuse, and the company / business can not refuse, and no one outside of the need to know, need to know.
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    @C0D4 Yeah this, fucking great!
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    They will always use that argument. That way, whenever someone wants to keep a strong encryption, they'll claim that he wants to protect paedophiles.
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    @linuxxx I personally have a problem.... wait sorry, I wish to inform you I am a massive fan of these new laws.
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    Because encryption is only useful for people that have illegal stuff on their computer. Sure.
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    Weakening encryption? Ok
    but only if we convice the gov to do the same cuz it wouldnt work.
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    @kescherRant Im curious how online banking is going to work.

    Also a lot of cryminals dont even know that they can encrypt... Even if you can still recover unencrypted files using stuff.
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    @Gregozor2121 most government mail servers still don't support TLS.. like at all. Encryption, why? Don't we still use paper mail and written signatures for everything? 🙃
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    I want to set the world on fire a little more each day.
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    These people are seriously stupid (and the German ministers are not a bit better, FWIW). Encryption is already out there and anybody capable of reading some tutorials and renting a VPS for a few Euros a month is capable to build a basic chat app with end to end encryption in a couple of hours.
    I always wonder, why they do not elect experts into these positions, people knowing what they are speaking about, instead of those imbeciles.
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    @TobiSGD because we live in a world where governments are controlled by companies and banks
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- While I don't completely disagree with your argument, it's not 100% the case evrywhere. In addition, I do want to point out that what people call "lobbying" across the pond, is just called "corruption" around here.
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    Let’s hope they get all their banking and credit card details stolen by organised crime.
    Coz if it’s weak enough for gov to hack I guarantee it’s weak enough for a black hat to crack.
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    I doubt it is incompetence. They likely just want more control and "think of the children" is perfect excuse.
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    Even worse, the resolution from the FBI regarding this is being considered by Interpol for wide spread "recommendation" after US, UK, and Australian suggested it would be a good idea: https://reuters.com/article/...

    Luckily they at least seem to listen to people who know the technical side of things: https://reuters.com/article/...
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    This is the exact same thing the US did when 9/11 happened; they said "We need to collect people's online data and profile them... But just terrorists, for security reasons... Also we definitely will only collect 'metadata'", and now Snowden proved they're surveilling everyone in the US and anyone who connects to US servers.

    The dutch and german governments are straight up lying; they arent going to use this info to beat crime, they're going to use it like the UAE, or worse, like the US: to spy on political dissenters, to control ideological battles, and to make sure the people paying them stay in the hot seat/power.
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    @C0D4 how is the bird on your shoulder doing? Looks like healthy canary!
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    they always come up with the same arguments

    child pornography
    copyright protection
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