I have a great idea:

Remove # from tags if people forget.
It should be easy to implement and it will finally shut up those purists.

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    Ummm... I agree and all but.. Are you sure about those tags?
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    but beware of character position otherwise there might be an unexpected boost in popularity of the c language.
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    So, what's your solution for those #ridiculoustagsthatcontainzerofreakingspaces ? You can't fix users that don't read, and you can't always auto-convert input correctly.

    Then again, I would love an update to the tagging system to a) remove/extend the per-tag character limit, and b) preserve tag order.

    Tumblr-style tags ftw!
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    Purists will always find something else.

    'You need to calm down.'

    (That's a Taylor Swift song.)
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    @vane Also this!
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    today in the category: "solutions solving nonexistant problems"
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    where do you want to remove them? in shell scripts?
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