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    Dont fucking post stuff from r/programmerhumor here. It has been seen million times and you will get few upvotes from it maybe. Just post stuff from your day.

    I never post memes and usually post about my day or stuff. And well people like it even tho IDK why (I post shit basically). But hey look at my ++ count.
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    @Haxk20 What I posted is perfectly in line with the category, I invite you to just disable it.
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    @Lor-inc im not saying not to post memes. Go on post memes but maybe not the ones that are on site where we are most likely too and have seen million times. If it was unknown meme then fine but i saw it like 3th time on reddit and 4th time here.
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    @Haxk20 don't forget people who rip from fucking Cowbelly and repost here for upvotes like 2 days later
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    The problem I have with memes is that most people are (re)posting them because they want their life validated (and get their 15 minutes). Are we that gullible as a species? I mean; come on.
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    @Fexell I posted this simply so people here can see it. I didn't see it anywhere before.
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    @Lor-inc I get that. However, we both know that it's also for self-gratification (to some extent), or similar reasons. I do understand that's how most of the Internet is, I just find it hard to relate to those reasons.
    Don't get me wrong -- all power to you, for doing what you want to do. I just wanted to point out the underlying reason (evev if it's minimal ones).
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    @Fexell It's probably part of it, but if I wanted self gratification I'd rant about JS being slow, Java being complicated, C being difficult, Linux being unstable or any other topic that people in the early Dunning-Kruger zones can relate to. It would probably get me a lot more karma than this. Or I'd post a cat, like I did about a year ago, and earn two hundred ++'s.
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    @Haxk20 do you just really care about your ++ count or what?
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    @embeddedmaikel no. I just want to help another devranter to get ++ for some avatar items. Thats the only reason those are good for.
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