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    The ratio of spaces is golden.
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    I once dealt with a compiler which wouldn't accept different types of indentation. Which was fine by me, and it threw an error saying fix your indentation. That's how I learned about it. :D
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    It also wouldn't accept no indentation at all. THAT is how I learned to indent* @BartBB
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    That's just beautiful.
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    Well that escalated quickly.
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    Don't do that.
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    Never knew what came after foo, bar, and baz. Now I know, but I don't know what to do with this info. Who even comes up with these ridiculous names? 😂
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    @achu there's even an RFC 3092 for those metasyntactic variables
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    Robert Langdon would have liked this.
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    If I see this in code I have to deal with, I'd be pissed. 😝😝 Please don't do this in real life.
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    Drawing graphs with code when mathplotlib import fails.
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    It remembers me a debug log I saw some time ago... A guy wrote a piece of code that create an ASCII animation if you use a 'tail -f' while it's running...
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    Try that with python.
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